How to convert swf to interactive pdf

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Choosing Selection is especially useful if you want to save the exported SWF file for use in an exported PDF file.

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If you want to edit the document in Flash Pro before creating the SWF file, export to FLA instead of SWF. When you export a SWF file, separate HTML and SWF files are created.

<em>How</em> to <em>convert</em> <em>PDF</em> files to <em>SWF</em> for making flash flipping book

How to Convert SWF to MP4

If the SWF file includes movies or sound clips, a Resources folder is also created.If you select Range, specify a page range, such as Specify whether the background of your SWF is transparent or if it uses the current Paper color from the Swatches panel.

Pdf generation - how to convert PDF file to swf programmatically.

Indicate whether the current selection, all pages in the document, or a page range is included.

How to convert swf to interactive pdf:

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