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But that’s not enough to satisfy the greed of this company.

When to Use Adobe Illustrator vs.

And if I continue in my profession and want to continue using their software, they want money from me every month for the rest of my life.

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Stop the Monopoly. Don’t Join Adobe’s

I’ve been using Adobe software since the very first versions, and I’ve bought just about every single upgrade they’ve released over the life of the company.No longer will I be able to buy the software, I’ll have to I remember when Adobe stopped providing a manual with their product; replacing it first with PDF documents, and finally with an online mish-mash of user videos and badly designed Help pages.

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But imagine the cash Adobe will be raking in now—no more physical product, no physical distribution, no local support, reduced piracy (piracy, I might add, that often leads to later purchasing)—just lots and lots of lovely regular cash from everyone’s Visa cards, in return for a lot of useless twiddling and bloated ‘features’ that you use in real-world situations about 0.2% of the time.

Indesign cs5 pdf form fields:

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