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Up until this point, the female characters in the series, while submissive, have possessed character traits that complement the hero in some way. It would put both her and readers out of their misery. It can be summed up as follows: Elinor: I’m not a slave! Rinse and repeat, and that’s the entire plot of the book.

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Elinor Brinton is a rich bitch New York City socialite who hates men. She quickly learns that women on Gor have no social status, and changes hands between a variety of different men.

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This is likely because John Norman cannot write convincingly from a female perspective. Instead of hoping that she would find a way to escape and return to Earth, I hoped that Elinor would be eaten by a sleen. Elinor’s internal monologue: Why am I weirdly turned on by this?Based on reviews I’ve read, there’s a point where the series starts to go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay downhill. Generally I write spoiler-free reviews, but this one will include some spoilers to spare you the pain of having to read the book for yourself. I got through it only because I feel that after having read the six previous books, I’m invested enough in the series that I’m determined to persevere.

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Depending on how the next couple books are, that might change, because this book was really really bad.

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