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Current literature establishes safe limits on the exposure of the eyes relatively to the ultraviolet radiation exposure for the UVA and UVB ranges (280 nm – 400 nm). Sunglasses are categorized from 0 to 4 and the categories are determined by the lenses transmission’s percentage on the visible range (380 nm – 780 nm).

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Electronics has been developed for controlling the measurements and software has been implemented for providing the report as well as for the user’s interface.

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Measurements were performed in over 45 sunglasses and compared to CARY 5000 – VARIAN spectrophotometer and present a good correlation for the measurements of transmittance in the visible spectral range (r The prototype identifies the UV protection, for non-corrective sunglasses, according to category of the lens and is available for the public.The corneal epithelium absorbs UV-A and UV-B radiation, avoiding inner eye components from extreme radiation, but severe exposure to UV radiation may induce corneal changes [].

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Sunglasses users may only be assured on their ultraviolet protection by purchasing certified products, however they are not able to check if sunglasses are still ultraviolet (UV) protected as they age, unless they resort themselves to a professional who is qualified for using a spectrophotometer and is acknowledged on the standards for providing a report for the user.

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