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Basic Science Concepts

The term "Big Data" has launched a veritable industry of processes, personnel and technology to support what appears to be an exploding new field.

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An August, 2013 blog post by Mark van Rijmenam titled "Why The 3V's Are Not Sufficient To Describe Big Data," added "veracity, variability, visualization, and value" to the definition, broadening the realm even further.

Chapter 2 Elements of Scientific Theories

Definition of Science

Giant companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart as well as bodies such as the U. government and NASA are using Big Data to meet their business and/or strategic objectives.Rijmenam stated "90% of all data ever created, was created in the past two years.

Chapter 2 Elements of Scientific Theories

Big Data can also play a role for small or medium-sized companies and organizations that recognize the possibilities (which can be incredibly diverse) to capitalize upon the gains.

Basic concepts of science pdf:

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