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More recently, it has been suggested that Markgraf Liutpold was the son of Arnulf Duke of Bavaria [Liutpoldinger] but this theory appears to be based solely on onomastics.

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A new march along the Hungarian frontier was established in 976 by Emperor Otto II, who installed Liutpold as Markgraf (see Chapter 2). The name "Babenberg" was first applied to the first dynasty of Austrian Markgrafen and Dukes probably in the 12th or 13th centuries.

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In fact, there are few typically "Liutpoldinger" names among Markgraf Liutpold's children, in particular Eberhard, Berthold and Arnulf are absent.This was due to a tradition that the first Markgrafen were descended from the "alte Babenberger" family who are set out in the document FRANCONIA.

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It is not known how long this March remained in existence.

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