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We’ve spoken in length before as to why you should consider HTML5 for PDF conversion in several other blog posts.

The Android Arsenal - PDF - Android-Pdf-Viewer-Library

This gives you control over your content and what you let your users view as well as the potential to publish to the Google Play store.

GitHub - ieee8023/PDFViewer <i>PDF</i> Viewer for <i>Android</i> <i>source</i> <i>code</i>

Answers - What is a good open source PDF reader component.

On this logo you may have noticed the ever so familiar Android logo lurking at the end.You may also recall a previous blog article about what our converted pages look like on the default Android browser and how good they looked, since then we have done a lot of work trying to optimise our output for mobile viewing in preparation for…The addition of a PDF to Android App to our PDF to HTML5/SVG converter software.

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We also give you the option to compile the generated source code into an Android immediately for you to install on your devices or emulators and try out yourself without touching the source code!

Android pdf reader source code download:

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