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Modern German Grammar Workbook Modern.

The workbook offers a wide range of often very imaginative exercises, contains an answer key, and is meant to be used either in conjunction with or independently from the grammar book.

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The second edition of this exhaustive German grammar does not differ greatly from the first.

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Modern Italian Grammar Workbook, Second Edition

It is an excellent reference guide for German teachers or for serious students of German, but it may be altogether too much of a good thing for the group of learners it is supposedly aimed at: intermediate learners of German or adult students at university.An excellent feature of this guide is that it assumes no previous grammatical training and provides explanations and a glossary for the grammatical terminology used freely throughout the book. The first part is traditional German grammar, dealing with phonology, word order, the case system, and different word types.

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Spelling has been brought in line with the recent German orthography reform, some grammar explanations have been expanded, and cross-referencing between grammar and workbook has [End Page 596] been improved.

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