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Introduction to Health care accounting and financial Management

The department’s mission is, through education and research, to advance the design, management, operation, and interaction of technological, economic, and social systems. Data and algorithms are rapidly transforming law enforcement and criminal justice, including how police officers are deployed, how discrimination is detected, and how sentencing, probation, and parole terms are set. Examples of such markets include online marketplaces for goods, such as e Bay; online dating markets; markets for shared resources, such as Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb; and online labor markets. Single name products: corporate bonds, equity, equity options, credit and equity default swaps, forwards and swaptions. Data and implementation driven group projects that focus on problems in the financial industry. Optimization of Uncertainty and Applications in Finance. How to make optimal decisions in the presence of uncertainty, solution techniques for large-scale systems resulting from decision problems under uncertainty, and applications in finance. Topics in financial statistics with focus on current research: Time-series modeling, volatility modeling, high-frequency statistics, large-dimensional factor modeling and estimation of continuous-time processes.

Introduction to Health Care Management - Jones & Bartlett.

The program builds on the foundational courses for engineering including calculus, engineering fundamentals, and physics or chemistry as well as management science.

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Introduction to Knowledge Management - ASEAN Foundation

Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) provides programs of education and research by integrating three basic strengths: The analytical and conceptual foundations include decision and risk analysis, dynamic systems, economics, optimization, organizational science, and stochastic systems. Discrete time stochastic control and Bayesian filtering. The class is centered around several data-intensive projects in criminal justice that students work on in interdisciplinary teams. There will be a particular focus on recent developments in discrete choice theory and preference learning. MS&E’s programs also provide a basis for contributing to other areas such as biotechnology, defense policy, environmental policy, information systems, and telecommunications. Ito integral, existence and uniqueness of solutions of stochastic differential equations (SDEs), diffusion approximations, numerical solutions of SDEs, controlled diffusions and the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation, and statistical inference of SDEs. Enrollment is limited, and project teams will be selected during the first week of class. Prerequisites: CS 261 or equivalent; understanding of basic game theory.

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The mission of the undergraduate program in Management Science and Engineering is to provide students with the fundamentals of engineering systems analysis so that they are able to plan, design, and implement complex economic and technical management systems.

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