Brave fencer musashi official strategy guide pdf

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The Tales of Destiny 2 guide was a Prima one and should be easy to get but not cheap these days.

Parasite Eve II Official Strategy Guide Bradygames.

The Tales of Destiny 1 guide was a magazine format guide printed by Gamefan, just like the one for Persona.

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Brave Fencer Musashi FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by.

Is there a website that list strategy guides for systems like the PS1 and N64 and what there value is? I've been doing it for years : P As far as I know, there's no listing for what guides were released and what formats (i.e.SH guides are probably worth a good bit (edit: well, $10-$15 is a good chunk of change for just any ol' guide, eh Maxlords? They'll only get more expensive as time goes on, though don't expect RE type expenses.

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It's very hard to find..looking for one a long time myself.

Brave fencer musashi official strategy guide pdf:

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