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The total number, sex, and genotypes provided will vary, although typically 8 or more animals are provided. While the genotypes of all animals produced will be communicated to you prior to scheduling shipment, the genotypes of animals provided may not reflect the mating scheme and genotypes described in the strain description.

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Mice are mottled grey and white coat color due to the homozygous wildtype Tyr (tyrosinase) allele.

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AI326420; AU019811; DNA-PK; DNA-PKcs; DNAPDcs; DNAPK; DNPK1; DOXNPH; HYRC; HYRC1; IMD26; XRCC7; doxorubicin nephropathy; dxnph; dxnph; expressed sequence AI326420; expressed sequence AU019811; p350; scid; severe combined immunodeficiency; slip We will fulfill your order by providing at least two carriers for each strain ordered.If a second recovery is required to produce the minimum number of animals, then delivery time would increase to approximately 25 weeks.

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Xenograft NBSGW mice exhibit enhanced human hematopoietic chimerism in peripheral blood, bone marrow, and spleen when compared to non-irradiated engrafted NSG mice, with a level of chimerism similar to that seen in irradiated NSG mice.

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