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I have an excel file in which I have a macro that creates a series of PDF files via the Active Sheet.

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I am attempting to do this with PDFCreator version 1.

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I then go into object browser and can see the diffent objects that are available, but none of them have a description of what they do so I am at a loss at to which commands will help with the task I am attempting. I end up with files such as main file, temp1, temp2, temp3, temp4, temp5, temp6, temp7, temp8 and temp9.

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(If anyone knows of a resource that explains the objects I would appreciate it if you point me in that direction. Value = i Do While Range("C1") Sub ken() Dim output PDFName As String Dim output PDFPath As String '/// Change the output file name here!

Create pdf from multiple excel sheets vba:

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