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It began in a single room in his home in 2006 with a PC, $20 of screen capture software, and an $80 pen tablet all employed to write equations and draw graphs, usually shakily, using a free program called Besides the videos, Sal only had “quizzing software ” running on his $50-a-month web host.

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Today Khan Academy, like a 21st century Mc Donald’s, claims to have provided 227,776,564 lessons to students of any and all ages.

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement --

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement --

His mission is, and has been, deceptively simple: to “provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” (p.His individual, self-paced online tutorials number more than 3,000 little instructional videos on the You Tube channel covering a dizzying array of lessons from basic arithmetic to advanced science, economics, and United States history.

Sal's new book, "The One World Schoolhouse

He freely admits that You Tube has made him a celebrity star all over the United States and far beyond.

The one world schoolhouse pdf:

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