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Dionysus is walking beside him disguised as Heracles, ie, on top of his usual delicate bright yellow robe and beautiful, red lady boots (full of bows and ribbons) he has thrown a lion’s skin and he’s carrying -or more often than not, dragging on the ground – the huge club with which Heracles is usually identified. In any case, Euripides is a sly and crafty, sharp old bugger and he could most probably think up of some way of us getting out of Hade’s clutches; whereas Sophocles, well, you know Sophocles: he was a woos up here and he’d be a woos down there.

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Under no circumstances should any of this work be used as part of a collage, which includes the work of other writers or translators. He is tired and uncomfortable and shifts his own weight on the donkey. He’s the one who said, “some poets have died and those who are still around are shocking! No, first I’ll grab Iophon all by himself, take him away from his pappy and see what he can do on his own.

THE <strong>FROGS</strong> by <strong>ARISTOPHANES</strong> Level 3. - TKI Gifted and Talented

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Center Stage is a house which is used first as the house of Heracles and then of Plouto. For use by any theatrical, educational or cinematic organisation, however, including a non-commercial one, permission must be sought. Xanthias is riding a donkey and is carrying a bundle of pots, pans a variety of small bundles tied to the edge of a long stick, resting on his shoulder.

THE FROGS by ARISTOPHANES Level 3. - TKI Gifted and Talented

Then what’s the point of carrying this huge burden if I can’t do what all the others do?

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