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The question at its political heart is an arresting one, not least because it appears so counterintuitive: Must every political vision be a vision of the future?

Queer Theory, Intersectionality, and LGBT-Parent Families.

His main target is the all-pervasive fure of the child, which he reads as the linchpin of our universal politics of "reproductive futurism." Edelman argues that the child, understood as innocence in need of protection, represents the possibility of the future against which the queer is positioned as the embodiment of a relentlessly narcissistic, antisocial, and future-negating drive.



He boldly insists that the efficacy of queerness lies in its very willingness to embrace this refusal of the social and political order.Edelman's extraordinary text is so powerful that we could perhaps reproach him only for not spelling out the mode in which we mht survive our necessary assent to his argument." - Leo Bersani"No Future is a nuanced polemic, both ringingly clear in its aesthetic and theoretical explications and simply thrilling to read.

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In No Future, Edelman urges queers to abandon the stance of accommodation and accede to their status as fures for the force of a negativity that he links with irony, jouissance, and, ultimately, the death drive itself."No Future is a hy imaginative, terrifiy suggestive, and altogether powerful book.

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