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The Chemistry of Xenon.

With suitably optimized hybrids a few structures are capable of giving results close to those obtained at the full-CI limit, while even a single structure (the “perfect-pairing” approximation) easily surpasses in accuracy the results of a conventional SCF calculation.

A Molecular Orbital Approach to Bonding in Methane

In 1974, psychologist Seymour Sarason's seminal book introduced the concept of "psychological sense of community," and proposed that it become the conceptual center for the psychology of community, asserting that psychological sense of community "is one of the major bases for self-definition" (p. Quite a few studies have followed, and in addition to some treatment that has been characterized as fuzzy and atheoretical (cf., Pretty, 1990), some impressive theoretical and empirical development has emerged around this concept, which by 1986 had come to be regarded as a central overarching value for Community Psychology (Sarason, 1986; Chavis & Pretty, 1999).

Pauling's Defence of Bent-Equivalent <strong>Bonds</strong> - Oregon State University

Valence bond theory in coordination chemistry - Journal of Chemical.

The VB method is applied to partly-filled regular segregated stacks of acceptors (A) and donors (D), which occur in all π-molecular organic conductors.In their discussions of the construct of Psychological Sense of Community, Mc Millan & Chavis (1986) prefer the abbreviated label "Sense of Community," and provide the following one-sentence definition: "Sense of Community is a feeling that members have of belonging, a feeling that members matter to one another and to the group, and a shared faith that members' needs will be met through their commitment to be together." Mc Millan & Chavis (1986) propose that Sense of Community is composed of four elements.

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The first aspect of Sense of Community is membership in that community.

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