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In the Flaming Spear of Saint Michael the round Symbol represents the Earth and more than that in represents the Kundalini Key purpose is that of removing the Energy Blocka GES FROM THE CHAKRAS BENEATH THE BASE CHAKRA AND THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull EPUB ebook

One day Krishna said to his favourite Student, Radha, I will give you one wish to obtain anything you want, Gold, Jewels, a Prince for a husband, palaces, Anything you want.

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In the Ankh, an extremely important Symbol from the Ancient Egyptian Religion, the round Symbol represents the Earth and the Column springing from the center of the Earth perpendicular to the Earth is the Energy column of the Antahkarana, the Energy column of the Holy Spirit, a spiral column of Spiritual Energy connecting with the Chakras above the head.But Rahdha said, "My Lord, there is only one thing I want from you, and that is to be your Flute, to feel your sweet lips next to mine, to feel your sweet breath entering into me 24 hrs a day to make your sweet music in the World"In every age there is a need for renewal of the original spiritual impulse in order to provide more Happy Enlightened Beings for the benefit of Humanity, for the benefit of the World, For the benefit of the Universe.

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I think Maharishi Mahesh Yogi sums it up well, to attend appointments at the market you need to keep visiting the bank.

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