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What will really make your creation sing is a sense of visual unity. Varied use of colour and lighting will also help break things up.

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Trying to compete or stand out in the canvas crowd might seem impossible but there are a few simple rules you can follow to increase the chances of your work getting noticed, played and hearted.

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How to Make a Good Level on

But to everyone else your world is a strange and mysterious place. It's crude, though, so if you'd rather be more subtle and get all Derren Brown you can play with people's minds instead. People are like moths and a well placed patch of illumination will draw them in without being obvious. This isn't a creation guide - the in-game tutorials do a good job of explaining how everything works.

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You can do the same with colour, lightening the tone to lead people on. Don't scatter a few around like hotel pillow mints.

Little big planet 2 create guide pdf:

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